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4 Reasons to Hire Boomerang Employees

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In 2022, more than 50 million Americans quit their jobs in what became known as the Great Resignation. Fast forward a few years, and many of these professionals are now considering a return to their former jobs. This phenomenon, known as boomerang hiring, is gaining traction as companies recognize the unique benefits of welcoming back familiar faces.

What are the benefits and risks of hiring former employees? Read on to discover why boomerang hires might be a great part of your recruitment strategy. And if you’re looking for more ways to streamline your hiring process, you can consider working with a staffing agency.

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Reason 1: Former employees understand your company culture

One of the biggest benefits of hiring boomerang employees is their familiarity with your company’s culture, values and norms. This means they can reintegrate smoothly and start contributing quickly. For hiring managers, that can save valuable time and resources.

This cultural alignment leads to higher job satisfaction and a stronger sense of belonging, increasing the likelihood of long-term retention. When employees feel connected to the company’s values, they are more engaged and committed.

Another bonus? Boomerang employees likely learned valuable perspectives while they were away that they can bring to your culture or your business.

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Reason 2: Boomerang employees reduce training and onboarding costs

According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average cost of onboarding a new employee can be as high as $4,700. However, boomerang employees already know the ropes, from company procedures to software systems, meaning they require less training and can dive into their roles faster.

When managing tight hiring budgets, hiring folks who already know what to do can help cut costs. Plus, with their prior knowledge and experience, boomerang employees might be able to assist in training new team members, further enhancing your onboarding process.

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Reason 3: You know what to expect from boomerang employees

Former employees rejoining your organization have a known track record. Unlike new hires, whose work ethic and performance are often unknown, boomerang employees have already demonstrated their work ethic and reliability. You know their limitations as well as their strengths.

This means less uncertainty and a higher likelihood of success. Additionally, boomerang employees often return with a renewed enthusiasm and commitment, eager to contribute even more than before. You’re likely to gain a dependable team member who can make an immediate positive impact.

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Reason 4: Hiring boomerang employees communicates loyalty

Rehiring former employees can significantly boost loyalty and morale within your organization. Your employees want to know that you care about them beyond what they add to your organization while there.

By creating a welcoming environment to return, you send a powerful message about the company’s commitment to its people. This can enhance the overall workplace atmosphere, fostering a sense of stability and appreciation among current staff.

For hiring managers, this often translates to higher employee engagement and retention. Returning employees tend to be loyal, since they’ve experienced other work environments and chose to come back. That energy resonates throughout your organization.

Sometimes, Boomerang Employees Are Not Enough

Hiring boomerang employees comes with a lot of benefits. They fit in quickly, reduce training costs, and bring proven performance, loyalty, and fresh ideas to the table. These returning team members can really boost company productivity and morale.

But sometimes, your growing business needs people with new skillsets or more experience. You may need someone who is experienced with AI, for example. Partnering with a staffing firm can help you find the right talent for specific roles, whether you need full-time professionals, contract associates or a project team.

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