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Contract Associates

Referral Bonus Program

It’s Who You Know!

Do you have a friend, family member or colleague looking for a contract or full-time position?

By helping them, you might benefit from the BravoTECH Referral Bonus program. You can earn:


for junior positions

(help desk, call center, technicians, IT administrators, other)


for standard mid-level positions

(project managers, DBAs, developers, IT Security, etc.)


for niche or senior positions

(senior developers, devops, architects, VP of IT, CIO)


for our most in-demand positions of the month

(titles change on a monthly basis – contact us for our current $1,500 positions!)

To Qualify:

  1. The candidate you submit must be placed within three months of the time you referred them to BravoTECH in writing (see process below)
  2. The candidate must not have been contacted by a BravoTECH Recruiter in the past six months

How to Claim Your Referral Bonus:

  1. Email your referral’s resume to
  2. BravoTECH will notify you which bonus you may be eligible to receive for your referral, including what the most in-demand positions of the month are

Referral bonuses will be paid after the candidate you submitted is placed by BravoTECH and successfully completes 90 days in their new role. To confirm the bonus amount or to request the bonus amount for any position not listed here, contact us at

Thank you for helping us build our team!