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13 Interview Red Flags To Watch For

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A robust interview process can help hiring managers recruit top-tier talent and avoid costly hiring mistakes. As a part of that process, we recommend including a defined list of candidate behaviors or actions that your hiring managers know will not likely lead to a good hire. Here’s a sample non-negotiable list for your consideration − a set of interview red flags to help prioritize candidates who are aligned with your culture and the technical demands of the role. Ultimately, it’s best to create your own list based on your organization’s culture, business requirements and customer expectations.

13 Non-Negotiable Reg Flags

  1. Lack of Clarity: Not providing clear responses to basic questions, or being vague about previous job experience.
  2. Tardiness: Arriving late for the interview without a logical reason.
  3. Negative Talk: Bad-mouthing current or previous employers and colleagues.
  4. Unprofessional Attire: Dressed for the beach instead of an interview (whether the interview is virtual or in person)
  5. Coarse Language: Using unprofessional or disrespectful language.
  6. Lack of Preparation: Not having at least a basic knowledge of your business or the interviewer’s role.
  7. Disengagement: Showing lethargy or a lack of enthusiasm.
  8. Inconsistent Information: Providing conflicting responses to questions.
  9. Device Distraction: Paying more attention to their cell phone than the interview.
  10. Lack of Curiosity: Not asking their own questions about the organization or the role.
  11. Misalignment with Role: Expressing skills or preferences that are incompatible with the job.
  12. Generic or No Follow-Up: Sending a generic or error-filled follow-up message after the interview – or failing to follow up at all.
  13. Delayed Communication: Slow to respond to further interview invitations or information requests.

How would you tailor this list to help align new recruits with your company’s values?

Avoiding Bias

When using a red flag list, it’s important to avoid unintentional bias. For example, a qualified candidate whose first language is not English may answer questions in English more slowly. Or, a person with a disability might be a few minutes late if they could not find an appropriate parking spot. By taking all aspects of the individual into consideration, you can avoid missing out on a great hire!

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