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6 Smart Reasons to Use An IT Recruiting Firm

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Looking for a DevOps pro with 2+ years of experience who fits your unique team culture and can help meet your diversity hiring objectives? A good IT recruiting firm can help you fill open roles quickly, even with complex requirements.

The demand for IT professionals has exploded in recent years, creating headaches for IT management and human resources departments. We asked hiring managers and corporate recruiters about their biggest challenges when filling IT roles, and here is what they said:

  • Pressure to fill IT positions quickly, despite a shortage of qualified talent
  • Limited resources to fill multiple roles across the company
  • Difficulty finding qualified candidates, especially for niche roles or roles requiring multiple skillsets
  • Finding candidates who fit the culture and job requirements, including the need to work onsite

If your organization is facing challenges like these, an IT recruiting firm (or IT staffing firm) can help. Here are six reasons why partnering with an IT recruiting firm can make your hiring process less stressful, more efficient and less costly.

  1. Access to a wider pool of candidates: Because IT recruiting is all they do, day-in and day-out, IT recruiting firms maintain a pipeline of IT professionals they can tap into on demand. In addition to candidates actively seeking new roles, they maintain relationships with passive candidates who may be employed but considering new opportunities. This gives you access to a wider range of candidates than you would have by searching on your own.
  2. Strong industry expertise: IT staffing firms specialize in building IT teams, which means their recruiters have a better understanding of the skills and qualifications needed for a successful hire. Because they live in the IT world, they can often help identify qualified candidates who might be overlooked by applicant tracking systems (ATS) and generalist recruiters. Moreover, IT recruiters know current salary and benefits expectations in each state and are experts at negotiating with your preferred candidate for the win.
  3. Thorough pre-screening: Quality IT recruiting firms are skilled at screening candidates with an understanding of your corporate policies, business requirements and culture. They conduct background checks and testing based on your unique requirements. You only meet with qualified candidates who have a good chance of success in your work environment – saving you time and allowing you to do more with limited resources.
  4. Time savings: Most IT staffing firms have finely tuned processes that deliver qualified resumes in hours versus days or weeks. If you have been unable to find the perfect candidate on your own, or you are serious about getting help right away, an IT recruiting firm is your best option.
  5. Larger dedicated recruiting staff:  Many human resource departments have only a few personnel dedicated to the recruitment aspect of the employment cycle. By contrast, a mid-sized to large IT recruiting firm has dozens of employees dedicated to sourcing and recruiting in the IT space. As a result, IT staffing firms can deliver faster results and help you keep your mission-critical IT projects on track.
  6. Greater recruiting efficiency. IT recruiting firms can handle the entire recruitment process from start to finish, including job postings, resume screening, scheduling interviews, and conducting reference checks. This allows your staff to focus on running your business – while reducing your liability and administrative burden. If you hire contract employees through an IT staffing firm, your company is not responsible for payroll, benefits or termination.

Although IT recruiting firms charge a fee for their services, they offer specialized expertise as well as resources and tools that can make the hiring process more efficient and less costly. The best IT recruiting firms, including BravoTECH, also have industry contacts at professional organizations and think tanks around the country. So when you need to find candidates with specific attributes – women in IT, diversity candidates or someone with great communications skills for example – partnering with an IT recruiting firm is a smart move.  

For more information about partnering with an IT staffing firm, visit us at or call 800.762.7268.