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12 Expert Phone Interview Tips

Woman talking on the phone in a phone interview

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A phone call is often the first step in the hiring process. Making a great impression is vital to making it to the next round of interviews – and with a little preparation, you can increase your chances of success. Here are some phone interview tips.

  1. Schedule it. Work with your BravoTECH Recruiter to schedule either a specific time or a window of time for the call. This will allow you to be fully prepared and avoid playing phone tag with your interviewer.
  2. Charge it and set a reminder. Make sure your phone is charged and set a reminder so you are on time.
  3. Check your voicemail message. Make sure your voicemail message is courteous and professional.
  4. Prepare others. Make sure roommates or family members are aware of the scheduled call so you won’t have any interruptions.
  5. Silence your environment. Take care of any potential distractions such as a barking dog or television in advance.
  6. Don’t put the interviewer on hold. Never interrupt your conversation with an interviewer to answer another call.
  7. Review your research. Have your notes about the company and the job description, as well as a copy of your resume, in front of you during the call for reference.
  8. Stand up. Try standing up during a phone interview. It will energize you, and that energy will be projected through your voice.
  9. Take notes. Jot down any new information you receive and make a note of any follow-up actions that are required, such as a request for more information or the date and time of your next interview. Make a note of anything that seems important to the interviewer for future reference (skills, start-date, etc.).
  10. Ask about next steps. As the call is wrapping up, ask when you can expect to hear back about scheduling a video or in-person interview. Express your interest in the position and ask if the interviewer feels you are a good fit.
  11. Call your recruiter. Let them know how the phone interview went and what next steps were discussed.
  12. Send a thank you note. Our final phone interview tip is to send a note to your interviewer immediately – an email is sufficient. Here are some tips for composing a great thank you note.

The phone interview is a great opportunity to sell yourself as knowledgeable, enthusiastic and willing to find out more about the position. If the company invites you to an in-person interview, you can read these tips to make your best impression. Your BravoTECH recruiter is also a great resource when preparing for video and in-person interviews. Good luck!

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