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How To Send a Job Interview Thank-You Note

Thank you note

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A well-written and timely thank you note will give your prospective employer a positive impression and improve your odds of getting an offer. In fact, some hiring managers say they only extend offers to candidates who follow up with a thank you note. A thank you note is also a great chance to highlight your strengths and sell your skills and/or experience. The details you provide as a follow-up are valuable when a hiring decision is based on incremental differences between you and other qualified candidates. Here are a few pointers.

  1. Send a thank-you note after a phone interview, video interview or in-person interview. An email will usually suffice, but if you opt for mailing a written note, a handwritten one on nice stationery is best. In the event a hiring decision is to be made within a day or two, however, send an email so it arrives immediately.
  2. Send the email or note as soon after the interview as possible. This will help convey your enthusiasm and work ethic.
  3. Send a thank you note after each interview. If your note is in the form of an email, send to the person who interviewed you and copy any other people you are talking to at the same company, such as a human resources officer. If you are sending a handwritten note, send it to the person you interviewed with but consider an email to the others you spoke with.
  4. Be brief and avoid wordiness to show respect for the reader’s time.
  5. Address these main points in your note:
    • Thank the interviewer for their time and say you enjoyed meeting them
    • Express interest in and enthusiasm for the company and position
    • List experiences, skills, certifications or training that make you a good match for the role
    • Say you look forward to hearing back soon. If it’s an email, you can ask about next steps in the interview or hiring process.
  1. Have someone proofread your note before you send it and send a copy of any emails you send to your recruiter, if you are working with one.

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