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Working Remote? Here’s How to Stay Visible and Be Recognized

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Working remote has quickly become the preferred way to work for many professionals. And while working from the comfort of home offers flexibility and can even make you more productive, do you ever wonder if you’re as visible to management as coworkers who go to the office?

According to the Wall Street Journal, remote workers in the U.S. received 31% fewer promotions in the past year than their office-based colleagues. And a 2021 Society for Human Resource Management study discovered 67% of managers think remote employees are “more easily replaceable,” while 62% believe working remotely full-time is “detrimental to employees’ career objectives.”

Clearly, a bias exists in some cases. Managers who didn’t earn their chops in a remote or hybrid work environment may have concerns about remote workers’ engagement, training and alignment with corporate culture and goals.

So what’s the solution?  If you are working remote part or full time, here are some actions you can take to stand out and get the recognition you deserve.

Have Regular One-on-One Meetings

Want to stay engaged and top of mind? Communicate, communicate, communicate.

The ability to communicate with managers and coworkers is even more important now that you’re not in the office every day. If your supervisor does not schedule frequent one-on-one meetings with you, be proactive. Schedule a weekly or bi-weekly call or video chat to discuss projects, goals and concerns. Prepare an agenda in advance to maximize the time.

When talking to your manager about current projects, don’t assume they know what you’ve accomplished. Share tangible examples of your contributions to the team so your boss understands the value you provide. Ask for feedback so you know which skills to strengthen. Take notes during the meeting and review action items later to stay accountable.

Overcommunicate and Share Information Liberally

Since you aren’t visibly roaming the office halls, reach out to managers and coworkers more often than required.  For example, send a quick email or chat whenever you have something positive to report or contribute, rather than waiting for your weekly staff meeting to provide a full report. If you have an idea about how you or your team can improve productivity, save money or increase efficiency, send a note to your boss. In this way, you’ll keep your contributions top-of-mind at the office.

Make your achievements, skills gained and anything else noteworthy be known. Ask clarifying questions often, to show you’re engaged. And know that it’s better to risk overcommunicating rather than leave your boss out of the loop.

Don’t forget to be proactive with colleagues, too. Make it a habit to regularly check in, share progress and ask how you can help out. Your goal is to be seen as a team player rather than a lone wolf.

Demonstrate Company Values

Look for opportunities to integrate your organization’s mission and values into your work, even if you aren’t on-site. Sure, you’re not physically in the office, but that doesn’t mean you can’t embody the company’s culture. Along these lines, adhere to the company dress code when attending virtual meetings.

Find ways to show your commitment and enthusiasm while advancing business goals.

You might consider starting virtual watercooler meetings for coworkers to mingle, or volunteering to mentor new remote hires who are just learning the ropes.

Anticipate Your Manager’s Needs

Master the concept of “managing up” by creating value for your boss and solving problems. Offer support on long-term strategic projects or volunteer to do something that will lighten your boss’ workload. Ask if there is anything else they need help with when you have free time after all assignments are completed. Show that you’re keeping their goals in mind and ready to help wherever needed.

Perhaps your boss could use some help with a technical or administrative task that isn’t in your job description. Maybe you can help out while they are away from the office. By stepping up and offering help, you not only make their job easier but also demonstrate your willingness to learn new things and take on additional responsibilities.

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Have a Clear Trajectory and Development Plan

Your career path is up to you, especially now that you’re working remote. If it’s not clear what your advancement within the company looks like, study the skills needed for the next level role, discuss your career aspirations with your manager and map out milestones to work toward.  Request additional training, if needed.

Ask for your boss’ help identifying skill areas you need to strengthen and create SMART goals that align with company objectives. But don’t stop there – execute plans for building abilities via courses, certifications, or stretch assignments. Discuss progress at your one-on-ones and talk about how you can continue leveling up. You may be surprised at how much your manager appreciates your initiative and enthusiasm.

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Network Internally to Be Seen

Asserting your talents with others in your organization can help you secure a promotion. Networking doesn’t have to be done in person – you can proactively schedule video coffees or lunches with cross-functional peers and leaders. Offer your expertise on projects that increase your visibility.

When you have allies at work, they can provide positive feedback and references to management and human resources. Leverage relationships with coworkers to showcase your skills so you’re considered for promotions and career growth.

Measure and Document Your Impact

As the saying goes, the numbers don’t lie. Collect data that quantify your contributions over time so raises and promotions feel like a natural next step, not a favor.

Track key metrics aligned with company goals that demonstrate your positive influence. For example, tally the number of leads generated, new revenue brought in, operational costs reduced through your efficiency gains, or projects delivered under budget or ahead of schedule.

Numbers tell a convincing story that illustrates why you deserve that raise or promotion your looking for, even if your boss can’t physically see all the hard work you’re doing.

Remote Work is Work – And Deserve Recognition, Too

Your work isn’t any less valuable just because you aren’t at the office every weekday. As a fully remote or hybrid employee, it’s important to advocate for yourself and make sure your contributions are recognized and valued by your team and superiors.

The keys for remote employees are staying top of mind through consistent communication, upholding company values virtually, quantifying your impact with hard data, and expanding internal networks.

By taking these steps, you can skillfully demonstrate your worth and position yourself as a candidate for the pay increases, bonuses and promotions you’ve earned.

Take the initiative now to make your voice heard while working remote. With a little effort and strategic thinking, you can showcase your value and continue to thrive in your role.

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