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11 Tips to Ace an In-Person Interview

Man interviewing a woman in person

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An in-person interview is your best chance to make a great impression and build personal rapport with a potential new employer. If the in-person interview is a follow-up to a phone or video interview, this is your chance to “close the deal,” so don’t underestimate the importance of this occasion.

Here are 11 tips to make sure your in-person interview goes smoothly and you get the offer.

  1. Do your homework. Research the company so you can talk intelligently about your prospective employer’s business. Re-read the job description and jot down a few ways your experience aligns with the responsibilities of the position. Review your resume and be prepared to explain your experience and past roles in greater detail, with a focus on how your past responsibilities and accomplishments have prepared you for this new position. Think about job-related challenges and conflicts you’ve experienced and be prepared to discuss how you overcame them.
  2. Map your drive. Map out your drive the day before so you will know exactly when you need to leave. Double the travel time to factor in unexpected traffic. Add 20 minutes just for parking and going through security – because this can take time at some locations.
  3. Set an alarm. Punctuality is very important, so set an alarm on your phone for 20 minutes before you need to leave, and another alarm at the time you need to leave.
  4. Dress for success. A professional appearance will help you make a great first impression. Your recruiter can give you an idea about what to wear to the interview. For more about understanding dress codes so you’ll be sure about what to wear, take a look at our Career Tips blog, Work Dress Codes.
  5. Put on your game face. Be friendly and professional to everyone you meet in the parking lot, elevator and building. You never know who might give feedback about you!
  6. Put your phone down. During an in-person interview, set your cellphone on silent and don’t use it in the reception area. This will ensure that you are alert and ready to respond when someone speaks to you.
  7. Greet the people who you meet with a smile and a firm handshake. Your goal is to be recognized as someone who is friendly, competent and confident.
  8. Take notes. Without getting too distracted, take notes about anything that seems important to the interviewer, any follow-up items you need to remember, and any commitments you make such as sending additional information or filling out an online application.
  9. Ask about next steps. Don’t be afraid to ask about next steps as the interview comes to a close. When will a decision be made? When can you expect to hear back? Is there any information they need from you to make their final decision?
  10. Send a thank you note. Send a note to your interviewer immediately – an email is sufficient. Ask your BravoTECH recruiter for tips on composing a winning thank you note.
  11. Call your recruiter. Let them know how the interview went and what next steps were discussed.

For information about preparing for a phone or video interview, contact your BravoTECH recruiter. We’re here to help you succeed!