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Attracting Top Talent Requires Multiple Strategies

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Recruiters have three basic employment models to choose from when going after candidates for your next opening: direct placement, contract, and contract-to-hire. The contract-to-hire model appeals to many of our clients because it enables them to see how an individual performs before making a long-term commitment.

When engaging a recruiting firm, however, it is best not to limit yourself to one type of employment offer – because doing so can severely limit the pool of available candidates. Let me explain.

When a recruiter contacts potential employees, they start by addressing each applicant’s employment needs. Is the person out of work? Looking for a career change? Or is the individual about to complete a contract gig and looking for their next stop?

Armed only with a contract-to-hire offer, the recruiter will attract only those candidates who are unemployed. This is the smallest pool of available candidates and includes some percentage of people who are less-than-desirable employees. The remaining candidates are typically not interested in a contract-to-hire opportunity for one of two reasons. They will not risk leaving a secure position for a trial position, or they are only looking for contract assignments with the associated higher wages and work variety.

By telling potential candidates that the client has an open mind, however, and would consider a full time or contract offer for the right individual, the recruiter will attract a wider range of qualified candidates, including talented individuals who are in-demand and always employed.

For this reason, we recommend staying open to all three employment options. Once you find one or more candidates who are a great fit, you can work with the recruiter to make an offer that meets the needs of your business and the needs of the candidate. We often find that candidates are open minded as well, and will adjust their expectations for the right opportunity.

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