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The Best Final Question to Ask in Your Next Interview

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By Andrew C. Jackson, BravoTECH President and Cofounder

Often at the end of an interview, the interviewer will recite some version of, “It was nice to meet you and we’ll let you know our decision soon.” What’s your best response to this? 

One of the best interview tips I have heard was about how to frame your final question to the interviewer. You want to make sure there are no hidden objections in the interviewer’s mind.

To smoke them out, a summary question like this works. “Is there any reason why I am not the right  candidate for the position we have discussed?”

This will hopefully surface any questions the interviewer has, but did not mention.  Now you have the chance to overcome any objections or concerns about your fit for the position. At the same time, this question conveys your confidence that you are a good match and are interested in an offer. If the interviewer thinks you are a good fit, your question confirms it, and helps “close the deal.”

Try this technique out and let your recruiter know how it went. Good luck in your job search!