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Management Bullies and What to Do About Them

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By Andrew C. Jackson, President and Cofounder, BravoTECH

The other day I followed up with one of our new hires to see how she was adapting to the BravoTECH culture. Her answer surprised me. She said, “I have been here a month and no one has screamed at me yet!”

I let her know that she should never be yelled at by anyone at our office.  Mistakes can happen and people can get upset, but yelling is not an acceptable response.  Our new employee then shared that being yelled at or berated was a daily occurrence at her former job.

I thought that management by intimidation was a thing of the past, but apparently it still exists in a few places. I find it sad to know that there are workers out there facing the daily stress of an unprofessional work environment.  And after discussing this problem with a few friends,  I found that management bullies exist in larger numbers than I thought.

If you are a yeller or catch yourself yelling at your staff, you need to stop. Anger does not motivate employees to improve,  it just makes them afraid of you.  Sooner or later your career will suffer.  Get some help from a psychologist or find another, less stressful position.

If you work for a boss who thinks it is acceptable to yell, make threats or intimidate, find a new place to work as soon as possible.  Life is short, and by enduring a bully at work, you are passively supporting an unhealthy workplace.

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