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How Working with a Recruiter Can Accelerate Your Job Search

Candidate working with a recruiter to find a job

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Have you ever wondered if working with a recruiter can help you in your job search? Experienced recruiters have contacts with corporate managers, understand the current job market and salaries being offered, and may even know about opportunities that haven’t yet hit the job boards. They can be a valuable ally when you’re seeking a new position or contract gig – as long as you know how to work with them.  Here are a few tips about how working with a recruiter to accelerate your job search.

  1. Connect with recruiters online. In addition to applying for jobs posted on a recruiting firm’s website, one of the best ways to gain visibility with recruiters is to connect with them on social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter. If you’re actively seeking employment, connect with several recruiters and check your online accounts frequently.
  1. Don’t let a recruiter waste your time! Good recruiters are looking for candidates who are the best fit for their clients. This requires finding out as much as possible about your experience, preferences and goals. If a recruiter talks only about job requirements and doesn’t ask you about yourself, you are not their top priority and they are wasting your time. Move on. Along these lines, beware of recruiting scams and learn to spot a fake recruiter before wasting your time and money.
  1. Don’t waste a recruiter’s time! If you’re just curious about the job market and not sure you’re ready to make a move, be honest about this when talking to recruiters. Recruiters work under tight deadlines and only have time for serious candidates. They can get frustrated with someone who can’t commit to an opportunity. Be honest with recruiters, just as you would expect honesty from them.
  1. Keep an open mind about compensation. You probably know the specific salary you’re seeking, but salary is just a part of the compensation package. Before rejecting the pay range mentioned by a recruiter, ask about any perks being offered and consider the costs related to commuting and housing. For example, a slightly lower salary might be offset by free training or a short commute. Be aware that if you tell a recruiter you will only consider a salary above a specific amount, they will not call you about jobs that may be appealing based on other factors such as benefit packages, free training, flexible hours, etc.
  1. Give and expect clear communications. Once you’ve spoken with a recruiter about an opportunity, ask the recruiter when they will get back to you. If they’ve identified you as a candidate for a position, they should be communicating clearly about next steps. At the same time, don’t hound a recruiter with unnecessary calls, since they are usually at the mercy of a hiring manager for feedback, and can only share information after they receive it.
  1. Pay it forward.
    Your relationship with a recruiter shouldn’t end after you have snagged a job. By staying in touch and recommending associates to recruiters who have helped you, you are building a relationship that can pay big dividends in the future. Good recruiters will go the extra mile for people who have provided them with quality information in the past. They often develop lifelong working relationships with their best placements.

By working with a recruiter, you can accelerate your job search by getting the inside scoop on which companies are looking for people with your experience. Once you’ve landed a job, they can become a valuable ally in your career – referring candidates for job openings at your firm or helping colleagues who are seeking employment. Let us know if a BravoTECH recruiter can help you in your search.

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