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From Certification to Success: 7 Tips to Secure a High-Paying IT Job

employee working in an IT job

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We frequently get inquiries about which IT certifications are best for improving job security and pay. While certifications are the first step, having the right strategy is also important. Here’s are a few tips to help you translate those hard-earned credentials into a lucrative IT job.

1. Identify the Most In-Demand Certifications

For the biggest impact on your career and job satisfaction, choose certifications that complement your existing skillset and career path. Indeed has published a list of high-paying certifications based on data from job postings. Some other top certifications include Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), AWS Certified Solutions Architect and Project Management Professional (PMP).

2. Real World Application and Networking

Certifications highlight your theoretical prowess, but hands-on experience shows you can put your knowledg to work in an IT job. Try to get involved in any projects at your current company that give you practical experience in your certification area. Outside of work, you can join tech forums, sign up for webinars and compete in hackathons. 

3. Optimize Online Profiles

Platforms like LinkedIn and GitHub (for developers) can serve as windows into your professional world for potential employers. Update your profiles to include latest projects, certifications and achievements. In the race for the top IT jobs, a strong online presence is important.

4. Stay Updated

Monitor job boards and forums to identify emerging trends that employers are interested in. By networking with other IT professionals through a professional organization, you’ll gain insights into high-demand skills and certifications that may lead to promotions or job offers.

5. Hone Soft Skills

Soft skills such as communication, teamwork and problem-solving are becoming more critical for IT professionals. Many of the highest-paying jobs in IT emphasize the need for proven interpersonal skills and the ability to work and communicate with management and non-technical employees. Soft skills really come into play if you want to move into a leadership role.

6. Work with Recruitment Agencies

Partnering with a staffing firm like BravoTECH isn’t just ideal for corporate recruiters, it’s one of the best ways to give yourself an advantage as a candidate. With our insights about what the top employers are looking for, we can direct you to the highest paying roles that resonate with your certifications and skills. Our recruiters are also pros at helping you impress a potential employer. As an added bonus, we can keep you from falling victim to nefarious recruitment scams.

7. Negotiate Confidently

When you land that coveted interview, whether virtual or in-person, be prepared to showcase your worth. Emphasize your blend of certifications, experience and soft skills that make you an attractive candidate for the role. Do some research on typical salaries and benefits being offered in your area and for the role you’re seeking so if you receive an offer, you will be prepared to negotiate if necessary.

With the rise of automation, Artificial Intelligence and IoT, the number of IT jobs is exploding. By gaining valuable certifications and executing a sound strategy, you’ll position yourself well for career advancement. Contact us for insights into the IT job market at 800-762-7286 or