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5 Tips for Evaluating a Potential Employer

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By: Andrew C. Jackson, BravoTECH President

Wherever we are, understanding our environment helps us optimize outcomes. This is especially true when evaluating a job offer.

Beyond the actual work you will be doing, a company’s culture and stability can significantly impact your well-being and future success. Just as the company will perform a background check on you, you should gather as much information as you can about the company.

Because we only submit candidates we are confident will succeed in their new role, the average tenure of our contract associates is 57 percent longer than the national average.

If you are working with a BravoTECH recruiter, ensuring a great fit between you and your next employer is easier. Our goal is to understand more than just the skills and experience required for a position. We work to uncover soft skills and intangibles that are essential to a candidate’s success within a department or team. We also look at how each candidates’ unique strengths and abilities apply to the role. Because we only submit candidates we are confident will succeed, the average tenure of our contract associates is 57 percent longer than the national average.

Here are five tips when evaluating a potential employer.

  1. Use social media. Using LinkedIn, attempt to find a colleague or friend who has personal knowledge about the company or can refer you to someone who does. Take a look at Glass Door reviews, but be aware that some reviews are not written by real employees.
  2. Look for clues during interviews. Do conversations feel comfortable and open, or a bit tense? Do human resources staff seem truly interested in you and your qualifications (a good sign) or are they just processing you through (an indication of high turnover)?
  3. Ask why the person who held the position previously left, and how long they held the position. The response you get might tell you whether the company does a good job of planning for their resource needs and retaining qualified staff.
  4. Find out if the company is financially stable and growing. If the company is public, you can do an online search for their financial information. If it is privately held, check the website for press releases about new clients, new hires and promotions. Job boards can reveal if the company is hiring due to recent growth. Only a growing, financially secure company can offer opportunities for advancement.
  5. Find out if there’s a budget for training. Staying relevant in IT requires you to keep your skills current, so be sure your new employer supports skills training and new certifications for IT staff.

Good luck in your career, and as always, let us know if BravoTECH can help you find your next position.